5 Best Weight Loss Diet Plans

Fitness regime is the new normal hence starting your day with an adequate amount of weight loss exercise and diet plans is a must. However not every plan of diet is curated equal making general diet plans as unreliable, inefficient and harmful at times.

When an ideal weight loss diet program is generated certain factors like sustainability, nutrition in-take, health benefits and many such others should be taken into consideration diligently.

Following is the top 5 best weight loss diet programs made by well-known dietitians for the general public which people can follow and see the desired results of their choice:

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Such diets motivate you to thrive forward and eat good, healthy, fit and lose weight wherein all the meals are made up of vegetables, fruits, oils, seeds, etc. However, in this diet plan, meat and other animal products are not excluded completely. They are just being reduced to some desired in-take quantity. This diet plan is specifically rich in fibers including whole grains that are extremely good for the digestion process. It is observed that plant-based diet plans help in the reduction of body weight at a very speedy pace. People can check out well-researched content on blogs or read bestselling novels for further information.


While choosing your specific low-carb diet plan you need to choose wisely amongst the lot. It depends on you how much carb in-take per day would be healthy and sufficient enough for your body. There are two main types or levels of low-carb diet plan i.e extremely low-carb diet plans and medium low-carb diet plans. In very low carb diet plans you can consume up to 50 grams of carbs per day only. However in the medium diet plan it can be extended up to 100-120 grams per day.


This diet plan is inspired by the conscious lifestyle of people living in Greece, Spain, etc. This style of diet plan includes lots of avocados, nuts, fish once a week, fruits, green vegetables, grains, oil, etc. This diet plan effectively helps in weight loss and minimizes the risks of suffering from chronic diseases and you can achieve around 10% of weight loss within a year.



Unlike vegetarians, vegans don’t even use any animal products which includes dairy, honey or eggs even. You need to consume a lot of leafy greens and high protein-based and you can definitely decrease your weight much faster than omnivores or carnivores. It is much easier to adapt to this diet plan in comparison to the others available.


It helps in improving a lot using this diet plan. You can also lower and stabilize your blood pressure level with your weight-loss objective as well. You can curate personalized low calories in-take plans. Which include saturated fats, limited dairy products and lots of green vegetables along with fresh fruits and whole grains in abundance.

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