A Kundalini Yoga Beginner’s Guide

This ancient therapeutic technique awakens and connects you to your divine energy, allowing you to live a life of lightness, joy, and unlimited love. Everything and everyone we interact with in life are full of bright energy. Kundalini Yoga, which wakes you to the force of internal energy, ushered us into a broad spiritual awakening that impacted all part of our lives. We’re now on a mission to spread the word about this ancient yoga practice.

It’s critical to understand what Kundalini is, what it does to your mind, body, and soul. And why it works in order to guide people toward living this high vibrational lifestyle.

 Kundalini Yoga Beginner's Guide

We will all experience triumphs, victories, sorrows, and problems throughout our lives. Kundalini teaches us how to respond to life’s ups and downs from a more balanced perspective. This ancient healing practice was the very first yoga ever devised. And its technologies have been scientifically confirmed to stimulate certain regions of the brain. That raise awareness and develop more balanced control. This exercise helps to strengthen your nervous system on a cellular level by using breath, particular motions, and time.

What Does It Mean To Be Kundalini?

Kundalini means “coiled snake” in Sanskrit. It was once thought that heavenly energy was formed at the base of the spine in early Eastern religion. Kundalini works to “uncoil the snake” and reconnect us to this holy force within.

Kundalini was once a study of energy physics and spiritual philosophy, and royalty would sit with Kundalini Masters to hear the ancient scientific teachings of Kundalini as well as spiritual visions. Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, often known as Yogi Bhajan, is credited for introducing Kundalini to Western society. (Yogi Bhajan was involved in dozens of sexual assault and harassment charges in 2020, years after his death.)

Why Do Kundalini Yoga Practitioners Dress In White?

Colors, according to Yogi Bhajan, have an effect on consciousness. The colour white was supposed to enlarge your aura by an extra foot, offering additional protection from bad energy while also sending positive energy out into the world. In 1975, he said, “We ask you to wear white so that you would mirror what is outside and go within yourself—that is what white clothes can accomplish for you.”

What Role Does Kundalini Yoga Have In Our Lives?

Kundalini is a tool that we use to live a life filled with lightness, joy, and unlimited love. You will begin to see how Kundalini Yoga impacts the energy, emotion, and motion in your body, not only by becoming aware of the geometry of your body. But also by seeing how this practise impacts the energy, emotion, and motion in your body fast and efficiently.


We all have “locks” in our bodies where energy becomes blocked. And we lose touch with our mind–body connection, the universe, and our ultimate potential. Kundalini Yoga draws energy from the base of your spine up, through the roof of your crown, and outward, allowing it to flow freely and establish balance in your energy centres and chakras.

Together, we’ll go over some of the more technical aspects of this yoga practice. Such as breathwork, mantras, kriyas, meditations, and mudras. So you know what they are and how they might assist you.

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