Cardio Exercise – Everyone has thought about which aerobic workout is safer at any stage in their lives. To put it simply, both higher and lower impact workouts will aid in the reduction of body fat. The query here is what is the most powerful in terms of burning off excess body fat.

When scientists first learned that during intense exercise, your body will burn glycogen, a sort of contained carbohydrates processed in your muscles and liver for energy. Your body can burn excess fat during low-intensity workouts.

cardio exercise

If you’re curious if it helps, the response is no, since there are already so many fat people around.  While they deal with activities with low intensity, you always wonder how this is possible.

Hight Intense Workout

The scientists are right that in low-intensity workouts such as swimming or walking the human body loses more body fat. The body can eat a lot of calories after a high-intensity workout like running. Even though some of the burnt calories are glycogen, most fat calories are often burnt.

In order to add icing to the cake, if the store glycogen is low you can later turn the carbs from your diet into glycogen to boost up the shop which will not be turned into body fat once they are left untouched for energy.

And when you’ve finished your workout, high-intensity aerobic exercise will speed up your metabolism. It means that even though you’ve quit the gym, your body will begin to lose body fat. In a low-intensity aerobic or cardio activity, this effect is almost non-existent.

Your body will burn extra calories throughout and during a high-intensity cardio workout than it would after a low-intensity cardio workout.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Interval conditioning should be used to incorporate high-intensity drills into the aerobic routine. You can stroll for a further 5 minutes, then switch to jogging again for the next 5 minutes. Then, stroll briskly until you’ve recovered your breath, then jog for a minute before walking again. Merely alternate between walking and running for another 15 minutes before you’re done.


One of the benefits of cardio is that the more you do it, the more stamina you can get. Cardio can help you eat calories, but it is more beneficial for maintaining your levels of energy high.

You should try cardio when you’ve never done it before. If you like working out, cardio is the perfect way to improve your stamina and stay in shape. If you’re just beginning out, go slowly and keep the aerobic workout on the schedule, since it’s very tempting to overdo it.

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