Women’s treatment standards vary from men’s on occasion. Health insurers are aware of this as well, and they are sensitive to it. A repayment to come back ‘in form’ after birth, repayment for abortion, maternity care, or maybe pregnancy yoga is something you as the woman might want as well as something a man doesn’t really profit from. A healthcare plan that accepts this is as easy as it sounds. -“Women Health Insurance.”

Only one health insurance provider that caters exclusively to women is Energiek; although, since about January 1, in the year  2016, this company has ceased operations.

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Insurance At A Basic Level

All in the Netherlands is covered by the same universal health care. The government determines whether or not it is supported by basic insurance every year. A visit to the hospital, for example, is entirely protected by basic insurance. You are required to purchase such benefits, but you have the option of choosing which insurance company to do so with.

Extra packages available throughout the Netherlands. A personalised kit can be created for a particular target audience. As a result, you have special health care for women. Women occasionally need different treatment than males, and you may buy extra insurance to cover this.

Birth Control

If you are a woman who needs contraception, there is a possibility that your method will not be repaid. That’s the case, for instance, with the pill. Here are various styles available in the marketplace. A few other insurance schemes cover a variety of situations. You must pay an additional charge for a different variety, ‘that you choose to use.’

Complementary insurance which requires abortion into account for women may be more cost-effective. Your type of contraception and perhaps other methods of contraception may be reimbursed in part.

Other Methods Of Contraception

There are, of course, other forms of contraceptive methods. Before you buy health insurance, consider what you feel you’ll need as well as whether you’ll need extra coverage. And since you are planning sterilisation, it is best to prepare ahead of time whether you can buy additional sterilisation insurance. Extra packages which cover (part of) your surgery are also available from FBTO including several major health insurers.

Family Planning

Many women (as well as men) aspire to have children. Most health insurance providers are conscious of the problem and are taking action to fix it. You will use the insurance to pay for ‘birth planning.’ Consider providing assistance and advice to (married) partners.



You could also get support if you want to start a family. Then supplemental insurance is a good idea.

You can, for example, be given assistance for breastfeeding. This may be in the form of expert guidance and auxiliary equipment. Females who need a pregnancy assistance plan will get it by purchasing additional insurance.

Hospitalizations for a birth would not be entirely reimbursed if there is no medical need. This is something you can protect with extra insurance. Yeah, if you’re overdue beyond January 1, it’s a good idea to think about it. If you know you plan to give childbirth in a facility for example, check for good extra insurance which includes this.

Preventing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is more common in women than in men. In the Netherlands, you have a 1 among 9 risk of developing breast cancer. If it occurs in your family your chances are even greater. Cervical cancer was all too common, unfortunately. Some insurance plans will reimburse you (partially) for a scan if you want to be on schedule. This is something you can protect with extra insurance.

As a woman , you may have many health related issues for which you can expect from your partners so you have to check for a good insurance company that will give you good reimbursement.

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